10 Days in Hawaii

Matt and I spent 10 days in Hawaii courtesy of Delta’s booking algorithm meltdown. Here is our 1 and bit weeks in pictures…

Aloha! We landed in Honolulu and were lei’d by our lovely hosts.

March 2014 Hawaii6_lzn

We went to the Dole pineapple factory.

Hawaii March 201409_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii11_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii16_lzn    March 2014 Hawaii18_lzn

Left – I’m still a long way from home. Right – our gracious hosts, Emily and Nate.

March 2014 Hawaii21_lzn

Then we went to Turtle Beach (on the North Shore), where the sea turtles come up on the beach every day to eat.

March 2014 Hawaii20_lzn

Not a lot to see here apart from annoying tourists who couldn’t read signs saying “Keep your distance from turtles”

March 2014 Hawaii31_lzn

We climbed Diamond Head which is a huge dormant volcano. I don’t recommend going to do this activity wearing anything else but gym clothes and sneakers.

March 2014 Hawaii60_lzn

Then this helicopter came out of nowhere….

March 2014 Hawaii46_lzn

…and flew right over us…

March 2014 Hawaii62_lzn

…and landed at this little helipad.

March 2014 Hawaii67_lzn

Almost there.

March 2014 Hawaii75_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii78_lzn

Hot, sweaty and gross – but unreal view.

March 2014 Hawaii79_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii83_lzn March 2014 Hawaii87_lzn

Going back down wasn’t so much fun either.

March 2014 Hawaii91_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii92_lzn

 The next day we went on the Star of Honolulu -a very cheesy, touristy dinner cruise. At the dock we were treated to welcome entertainment by some beautiful ladies and hunky gents.

March 2014 Hawaii96_lzn

 The dancers had cool props that they shook with unabated skill.

March 2014 Hawaii93_lzn

What grand fun!

March 2014 Hawaii118_lzn

Picture perfect Nate and Emily on the deck at sunset.

March 2014 Hawaii106_lzn

Meanwhile, the wind was whipping up a frenzy and my hair looked like this in every photo. Gah. Not a hair out of place on Matt’s head as you can see.

March 2014 Hawaii123_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii124_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii125_lzn

On Friday, we went down and tooled around in Waikiki on the beach and around the shops.

March 2014 Hawaii127_lzn

Without warning, these epic storm clouds appeared but spared us a Hawaiian storm.

 March 2014 Hawaii129_lzn                                    March 2014 Hawaii128_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii131_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii133_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii134_lzn

March 2014 Hawaii137_lzn

Mahalo Hawaii! It sure was fun xo