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Portrait of Kelly Emerton

Hi! My name is Kelly Starr and I’m the founder and proprietress of Darling Betty — here is my story.

During my university days in Sydney, Australia I discovered the many joys of vintage clothing that could be found at the various weekly markets in the area.  I couldn’t afford to buy new clothing at boutiques or department stores, but I could afford a beautiful 1950’s dress or skirt in excellent condition.  A few Saturdays or Sundays a month, I would arrive at the Glebe or Rozelle markets right when they opened to have first pick of the vintage gems that were available.  Piece by piece, I began to collect and wear vintage. I can’t begin to describe just how special and beautiful vintage garments are and the joy they bring me. Every garment has a history and a unique story to tell — from their craftsmanship, to the owners who wore them, and to the parties they attended!

The vintage apparel in my closet is timeless and classic – it never goes out of style.  Every piece has become a living and breathing ‘family heirloom’ that will never be sold or discarded.  They will be passed down through my family as the cherished items that they are.  The most special of all are my husband’s grandmother’s 1952 wedding dress (a Susie Perette original) and a blue satin cocktail dress, a gift from whom I am have sworn to never divulge their name.

Through my love of vintage clothing emerged Darling Betty!  We design and manufacture exquisite apparel inspired by the feminine and age appropriate dresses that my mum and aunt wore back in the 1950s as children.  In times of fast fashion, good quality garments need not be disposable. Wear it, love it, outgrow it, store it and pass it down through the generations.  It won’t go out of fashion, I promise.

Mission Statement

Our mission at Darling Betty is to produce exquisite, vintage-inspired children’s clothing and an unparalleled customer experience in a scalable, sustainable, and socially responsible manner.