Darling Betty’s Guide to Hiring a Kick Ass Web Designer/ Web Development Team

Your website is your gateway to the world and it can make or break acquiring new customers or readers. If you want to be taken seriously in a business or blog you absolutely must have a professional site. No ifs. No buts. No free sites. Just get one.

Darling Betty’s Guide to Hiring a Kick Ass Web Designer/ Web Development Team aims to help you avoid some crappy pitfalls.

1) Say no to hiring someone off Craigslist. Period. Don’t even go and look. No. No. No.

2) Make sure that they will deliver in 6 weeks or less. If they are a freelancer and work full time during the day for another company you maybe lucky that they will accomplish this for you. Remember, your side project is not paying their big bills. I was once quoted by a freelancer that it would take them 2 months just to do the design. There is development on top of that which takes longer.

3) Contracts are the sign of a professional. The absence of contracts and only Pay Pal invoices is the sign of an amateur. Don’t be a dummy and actually read the contract too.

4) You are the boss. If you are not happy with results or forecasts just say so. It’s business, not a self esteem project.

5) Check references. You wouldn’t hire an employee without checking out their employment history, would you? This means actually asking for a list of clients and CALLING said clients. You must call them. Do not email. Ask them the following – were they happy with the outcome, was the project completed on time, would you use them again, do they provide ongoing support, how do you rate their value for their services.

6)If you are small (which no doubt you will be starting out) don’t even bother going to the big flashy firms. Their minimum projects start at around $25K. No kidding. There, you are spared from making that phone call. You’re welcome.

7)  Hire Darling Betty’s design/development team. If you would like a referral please email info |at| darlingbetty . com. They are freaking talented and incredibly hard working. The site speaks for itself, yes?


A) Cannot get in touch with said clients via a phone number.

B) Said clients do not call you back to talk about candidate.

C) Client gives you a bad report. Well d’uh. This is a no brainer. Don’t hire them.

D) Web designer does not respond to support emails.

E) If their portfolio looks a little dicey and simple then your site will be dicey and simple.

F) Web designer is not contactable when a teleconference is scheduled.

G) No contracts presented.

F) You found them on Craigslist. See point 1).


In closing, just make good choices and listen to your gut. If all else fails rinse, lather, repeat the above steps.