Fabulous Frocks Friday

Greetings from Darling Betty headquarters! We just had a sensational thunderstorm here in D.C complete with lightning and hail. An hour later back to sunshine. The weather gods must be crazy.

I’d like to introduce to you Fabulous Frocks Friday. A weekly post containing fabulous frocks from the 40s, 50s and 60s. I might intermittently change it up to Forties Frocks Friday. Or Fifties Frocks Friday. Or Fabulous Forties Frocks Friday. Or even Fabulous Fifties Frocks Friday. I don’t know, I may even shorten it to 3F or 4F. The possibilities are numerous.

Well without further ado here are some ladies and chirruns frocks that I hope inspire you to dress yourself and your little darling in something fabulous this weekend. Happy Friday! x
1958 vintage photo 35MM slide 1950s kids fashions summer dresses
Charity Fashion Show in the Midwest in 1958
Party in the Rumpus Room
Country Fair - 1955
Models Lined Up For a Fashion Show, 1941 - Santa Monica, California

Mother and Daughter

Future Teachers of America, 1957
1957 vintage photo 1950s 35MM slide Spring Pageant Kids Show Saint Joseph Hill Academy

All pictures via Flickr. Click on photo to view the original.