Fashion Frocks Friday: 12th July 2013

Flickr is truly amazing to see how much of the past that people have digitalised and perserved.

Today I have found another fun treasure to share for Fabulous Frocks Friday. The dresses below are funnily enough by a company called Fashion Frocks

Fashion Frocks Inc was a company that was perhaps an early pioneer of what we call the ‘trunk show’ business model today. It began in 1908 and ceased business operations in the 1970s, when the American garment industry started to decline. Fashion Frocks recruited ladies to their sell garments door to their friends and neighbours using ‘sample cards’. These sample cards are almost akin to what line sheets are today in the clothing industry, especially when selling wholesale. They contained a sketch of the skirt, dress or blouse, a short description as well as a sample of the fabric used. Nowadays we just used photos of the garments on models or on a mannequin and the swatches of fabric are all kept together.

Fashion Frocks "The Turnabout" 1950

Fashion Frocks "For Sun and Fun"

Fashion Frocks "Mexicali Mood" 1950

Fashion Frocks "Capelet Classic" 1950

Fashion Frocks "The New Worldliness of Nylon" 1950

For more reading about Fashion Frocks Inc please click here, here or here.

All pictures via Miss Amy @ Flickr. Click on picture to view original