Hubby and I were having a browse through a children’s wear boutique and he overheard another customer say “Oh this reminds me of something you could have bought at Garfinckel’s back in the day. It’s so hard to find items that they had these days.”

He was very excited and whispered to me “That is good news for your line if they are talking about Garfinckel’s!”

“What is Garfinckel’s?” I whispered back.

He looked at me puzzled. “You’ve never heard of Garfinckel’s?”

“I’ve heard of Simon and GarFUNKEL.” I said facetiously. He smiled and said “I’ll tell you when we get outside.”

Garfinckel’s was a department store that was established in DC in 1905. It was considered the most fashionable store in the District and carried French and American designer clothes. Unlike today’s department stores, Garfinckel’s did not carry household goods and some consider it was not a true department store. Sadly, this iconic department store closed its doors in 1990 declaring bankruptcy.

Garfinckel's (Star 10-01-1955)

Garfinckel's NR Betty Bird Mar 1990

garfinckels advertising proofs


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