Good Stuff From Goodwill

I really need to create an office space where I actually want to work when I am not cutting and sewing. I have a room dedicated to this but it’s been a bit of a mish mash of storage, a little junk and bookshelves that need arranging.

So this past weekend I was determined to go and find some old and charming pieces at Goodwill.

With husband in tow we set off to a Goodwill on Route 1 down near Mount Vernon, VA. Within minutes in the store, I find this glorious of dame of a piece.




This big sweet ol’ gal cost me $39.00. It’s a wide wing chair that’s in fantastic condition. A little wear on the front part of the arms and not much else.  The fabric on the other hand in HIDEOUS with a capital H and has to go. So I called a few upholstery shops around in Alex and was aghast with sticker shock. If I have it done professionally, it will cost $700 for labour plus she needs about 7.5 yards of fabric which is anywhere from $40-140 a yard if you buy it from the upholster. Some don’t like it when you bring your own fabric. I feel like a DIY project coming on. There are heaps of tutorials online and the local library has some upholstery books.

She was going to be my desk chair in my office, but alas! She is rather too wide to fit through the door. Next best thing? Banished to the guest room!

Next stop was Goodwill in Arlington on Columbia Pike. This place is a hidden gem. I’ve found heaps of good clothes and shoes here and once an oak stool for $5. Low and behold this awesome fella was sitting downstairs waiting for a new home.



He is sturdy and his leather has no tears or holes. We flip him over and there is a tag underneath saying “Jasper Chair Company”. A quick google search tells us that this company is located in Indiana in a town called Jasper and has been handcrafting chairs for over 100 years. I have a quick squiz on ebay shows that some people are selling single chairs exactly the same and quite similar for over $100 each, some as pricey as $300. Our price at Goodwill? A cool $15. We get Mr Jasper home and he fits perfectly under my desk. It was meant to be.

Lastly I spied this mirror in the housewares section.



And took her home for $16. She is very heavy and has this beautiful and intricate border. I would love to know the stories behind these pieces but I’m afraid will never know. They have a good home here now and will be loved and cherished for a long time to come.