Miley Cyrus: You are Doing It Wrong

Billy Ray Cyrus must be a real proud dad this week. Perhaps prouder than his 1993 one hit wonder “Achy Breaky Heart”. Click here to re-live that business in the front, party in the back hairstyle.

We stared wide eyed in shock, horror and confusion at the iPad screen.

Was this some kind of joke at the VMA’s? Miley parading around on national TV in latex underwear whilst looking like she was licking off an oversupply of pasta sauce from the corners of her mouth?

Nope. It was for reals baby.


I felt very embarrassed for her, cringing with her every gyration. This is someone’s daughter, this is someone’s sister performing in a trash-tastic way for the entire world to see. Who the hell has let her on stage in such a state?

Whatever sells you records honey but let me tell you this, you are going to look back on this in 10 years time and shudder “Oh my god…”

I’ve done things in my early 20s that I am certainly not proud of and thankfully before the advent of social media. I think it came down to the absence of a good older female role model. I had no family present when I went to live in Sydney and there was no-one telling me to wise up and make good choices.

It was a learning process that I could do on my own time without the world watching. Miley on the other hand, whether she realises it or not, has the whole world watching her go through a learning process. This may be quite a hard lesson to shake just like Britney’s nuclear meltdown or Kim Kardashian’s little home movie and it may just up her success. When you are young, famous and filthy rich you can pretty much do what you want and enjoy the fact that even bad press is good press.

What is annoying about all this is that it reinforces to younger girls that hyper sexualisation is ok and normal. Before it was you just have to be pretty to get boys attention. Now you need to be in underwear with matching bedroom moves to boot.

I want to be a role model to my children when they grow up. Letting them make their own choices and mistakes to learn from is important but also to steer them away from bad situations when I can.

So Miley stick your lizard tongue back in your mouth, grow your hair out and put some clothes on. Oh, and no more twerking either. You look so damn ridiculous.