Mommy et Moi Monday August 26 2013

Remember the days where flying was a luxury and people actually dressed up for the privilege?

Now I have the privilege to watch people collect their luggage from the carousel in their pyjamas – true story, I saw it with my own eyes last Friday at Dallas Fort Worth airport.

I am also visually assaulted on a regular basis in airports by matching velour hoodies and trackies (sweat pants), UGG boots and any other lounge wear emblazoned with PINK or Victoria’s Secret. Just to let you in on something if you don’t already know, but UGG boots are slippers and are not supposed to be worn outside – well maybe to dash across the yard to the bin or if you are feeling daring, to hang the washing out on the line. I saw one person on my trip back to Australia wearing UGG boots on the street, although she looked like a tourist.

Please. You are in public not your lounge room or dorm room. Can you tizz it up a bit? Please and thank you.

This weeks Mommy et Moi post is inspired by my recent travels and I would like to share that Three Dots dresses are the MOST comfortable dresses to travel in. The material does not crush and works well with layers.

mommy et moi aug 26 2013

1. Three Dots 3/4 color block dress at Amazon

2. Volt blue ballerina by Repetto

3. Longchamp Le Pliage large tote at Nordstrom

4. She EatsDaffodills Cardi by Alannah Hill

5.1960s French Vintage Child’s Dress at Etsy

6. Lelli Kelly ballerina flats at Amazon