My Vintage Vogue

I stumbled upon this website looking for images about Garfinckel’s for my last post. The images are truly INCREDIBLE! It’s a preservation site of era’s past where the owner lovingly restores images to their original vibrant glory. Here is a blurb from the site.

“This website is an archive/library devoted to popular fashion from the 1920’s through the 1960’s and to the designers, models & photographers which inspire us. I started myvintagevogue in November of 2008. Initially it was a small flickr stream with fashion images I liked. As the stream became more popular and I learned more about fashion photography and advertising I realized there needed to be a permanent home for my growing collection thus the site was born.
This “passion project” is from my personal collection of vintage photos, magazines, catalogs and pattern books. I personally scan and restore most of what you see here. For me these images are more than fashion they are a slice of time and history. They are a view into our past or what we imagined our past to be.”







Please click on the above photos to see the originals. All images via My Vintage Vogue.