Proudly Made in the USA

With Obama’s address of the State of the Union, I was glad that he felt that American manufacturing was an important topic (all other political opinions aside).

Huge retailers like Walmart and Target who cram their stores full of cheap, soulless apparel, makes me cringe if I am ever needing to patron those stores. I was reading about some passionate supporters of American made apparel go into both of these behemoths in search of the elusive tag – Made in America. You’ll be surprised by what they found.

Walmart actually stocks an in house brand called Faded Glory and there are some items of this brand that do say “Made in the USA”. A few pairs of boy’s Levi’s jeans turned up with “Made in the USA”. Target on the other hand -ZIP. ZILCH.NADA. These folks were questing for apparel for their back-to-school kids and their search through Target’s kid’s department yielded not a single thing that was made domestically.

Here are a few links that lists a lot of children’s apparel that is proudly made in the USA. I’m going to see what I can do about getting listed 😉

This is a topic near and dear to my heart in my newly adopted country so I will be including posts about this in the future.