Recent Observations from Australia

East is a beast, west is best and jet lag is a cruel mistress. 

A 2 week trip has come and  gone at the speed of light. It just seemed as though it was yesterday I was in a packing frenzy, trying to make the change from summer to winter, laid neatly in my Samsonite. Now I sit, eying that same suitcase through a haze of confused time zones.

Without further ado, here’s how the 2 weeks went down:

-Sydney is still SO BEAUTIFUL! The sight of the Harbour Bridge and Opera House in the flesh continues to be breath taking after all these years.

– Melbourne hasn’t changed as far as I could remember it. The blustery winter winds greeted us at the city limits.

– My darling friends have a serious case of the BABIES! What little angels though – the babies, not the parents 😛

-Maybe I am just old now, but the city is overrun by this peculiar ‘hipster’ species. Guys over the age of 15 in jeggings with beards and blazers with patches on the elbows? I can’t say that it’s terribly attractive. The CBD suits are just a little too tight and short for my liking. I guess it is better than bogans!

-Coffee is still abundant and GOOD.

– AFL is a great game and we were super lucky to score tickets to a Swans game in good seats. Thanks Pete and Fi!

See below for a brief visual diary of the trip

photo (16)

Sunning on the rooftop with Miss Cini

photo (15)

Bronte Beach – South view

photo (14)

Sydney Harbour Bridge at night

photo (13)

Opera House at night

photo (11)

Sydney Swans Vs St Kilda at the SCG

photo (9)

Opera House during the day

photo (7)

Yours Truly and the Opera House

photo (8)

La femme et le mari

photo (12)

  Darling, sweet Claire from Melbourne

photo (10)

Photobombed by Pete on the SCG turf