Snow + Paris = Love

Paris had got to be one of my favourite cities in the world. It does sound horribly cliché I know, but it’s not about feeling romantic. It’s the food, culture and people that makes Paris an adult’s (and child’s) sophisticated playground. The women are breathtakingly beautiful,  the French children have learnt the rules of chic at an early age and the men stride around with confident nonchalance. Parisians are far from rude. Sure most speak English fluently, but speak a few little French phrases when ordering and they will be falling over themselves to help you.

Hubby and I were in Paris last month travelling with some friends who are living in Germany. I hoped with all my heart that it would snow but alas, Mother Nature denied my request. This little Southern Hemispheric girl still thinks snow is such a novelty. It was snowing here last night although ground temperatures were too high for it to stick. Sigh. One day I will make it to Paris when it snows. For now its looking at these fabulous vintage pictures from Life Magazine in 1948.











All images by Life Magazine.