The Cherry Blossoms – Up Close and Personal

When our dear friends were in town visiting last weekend, we made the rookie mistake of venturing downtown to see the cherry blossoms along the tidal basin.

BIG rookie Washingtonian mistake. The crowds were insane.

You see, these blossoms have an optimal bloom life of approximately 4 days. I’m not kidding. The blossoms that I was admiring not even a week ago have expired, petals shimmying down like pink snow to the ground below them.

The best time to wonder through this ethereal fairyland is at 7am on a weekday. There is still a fair few people out at this time of day although it’s not of the crowd crushing variety that one would experience on the weekends.

So rise and shine early to meet my friend Liz for an early morning photographic extravaganza starring the cherry blossoms themselves!

428Cherry Blossoms 2013


429Cherry Blossoms 2013


431Cherry Blossoms 2013


439Cherry Blossoms 2013


445Cherry Blossoms 2013


450Cherry Blossoms 2013


452Cherry Blossoms 2013


464Cherry Blossoms 2013


467Cherry Blossoms 2013


468Cherry Blossoms 2013


472Cherry Blossoms 2013


477Cherry Blossoms 2013


480Cherry Blossoms 2013

489Cherry Blossoms 2013


496Cherry Blossoms 2013


502Cherry Blossoms 2013


506Cherry Blossoms 2013


507Cherry Blossoms 2013

All photos courtesy of moi.