The Deadly Cost of Fashion

I’ve written before about why I will always choose to manufacture here in the US (see Why I Will Never Manufacture in Bangladesh) and I got sent this link by a friend the other day (thanks Liz!).

The video is a 5 min video by a photojournalist who was there in Bangladesh when Rana Plaza collapsed and killed 1, 100 people and seriously injured over 2, 000 more.

He captures the pain, despair and desperation of the survivors and family members searching in vain for their loved ones and colleagues.

If you like fast, cheap fashion this is the reality of where your clothes come from. I warn you that this video is heart wrenching and hopefully make you look at labels in stores to see where clothing is made. Please realise that you do have the choice to buy locally produced items or to support large apparel corporation’s who regularly flout human rights law in the name of huge profit margins.