The Importance of Headshots

I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a professional (or faux professional) headshot for your LinkedIn profile, website or blog.

My headshots were taken by Katie Lewis Photography  and the stream of compliments have been phenomenal. It’s truly amazing of what A LOT of make up and professional photography do for mere mortals. There is a a reason that trash mags LOVE publishing grainy pics of celebrities wearing not a lick of make up. They are momentarily denounced from their pedestal as – shock! horror! – normal human beings who look just as glamourous as everyone else when they wake up.

But we are talking about putting your best face forward and out there for the world to see and you better well look damn decent.

No blurry photos.

No weird lighting hues.

No duck face.

No selfies.

Just get a professional or someone that knows what they are doing to take your picture ok?

Or in my sister in laws case, I took some pictures of her. Here is your guide to having fabulous headshot success at low cost.

1)Find someone that has a professional camera – in my case I have a Canon EOS 50D with a 2470mm lens. That thing is pretty cool.

2) Does this person know much about photography? I took photography in high school – the kind where you have manual SLR camera’s, black and white film and all the developing is done by hand. None of that fancy digital stuff and I feel most comfortable working with manual settings.

3) If you are a girl and don’t know much about make up – go directly to Sephora and ask for a make up artist to do an express make up service for you. It’s free so take advantage of this. Do not pass go and do not attempt to DIY.

4) Choose a location where you are not likely to be bothered by onlookers and will have lots of lovely natural lighting. We choose Arlington Cemetery. It’s a huge place and you can get away from tourists quite easily. Just keep walking.

5) To work with your best angles, your body faces to the side and without moving, rotate your head toward the camera.

6) Angle of camera should be slightly above your face, looking down. This angle will hide any double chins.

7) Smile, enjoy being fussed over and having your picture taken. If you are not having fun or are relaxed, it will show in your photos. 

Here’s a couple of great shots of Jennifer. No filter on any of the photos.

Jenny's Headshots99

Jenny's Headshots89

Jenny's Headshots71

Jenny's Headshots62