The Kennedys in Happier Times

Today commemorates the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy.

At 12:30pm in Dallas TX, the presidential motorcade carrying JFK and Jackie Kennedy passed by the Texas School Book Depository. Poised somewhere nearby a sniper lay in wait. One of the shots fatally wounded JFK in the head.

Have you seen the footage? It’s morbidly fascinating. Go to YouTube and search for it. It’s called the Zapruder film, although it has been claimed to have been altered.

Delving into the story it’s hard to miss all the conspiracy stories. The Israelis ordered the hit on Kennedy. The Cubans ordered the hit on Kennedy. Possibly the most plausible explanation involving conspiracies is that LBJ ordered the assassination of JFK and there was more than one shooter.

The story is truly intriguing with all it’s glaring inconsistencies especially in regards to medical evidence. Gun shot wounds to the head leave massive damage to the cranium. Entry wounds are characterised by a clean symmetrical hole and exit wounds are a royal mess. Neither of these characteristics are documented in photos of JFK’s autopsy. Go and see for yourself.

I digress. I am not here to talk about political conspiracy theories, botched forensic pathology or uncovering the truth surrounding a mystery that is 50 years old today. Let’s refocus shall we…?

Jacqueline Kennedy is an ultimate style icon. She helped make Lily Pulitzer a timeless and classic brand, was courted by fashion designers (Dior and Givenchy just to name a few) to showcase their garments and ¬†introduced oversized sunglasses as a staple in every woman’s accessory drawer.

Together with JFK, they made the ultimate power couple. They were young, beautiful, influential and glamourous.

Here are Jackie and JFK before the tragic assassination.

jackie kennedy wedding


jackie on plane

john and jackie at hyannisport

john and jackie with caroline

walking to inauguration