Things I Will Pass on to My Daughters

The Grandma Hogan Wedding Dress Edition
I was gobsmacked when my mother-in-law said that she has found her mother’s wedding dress and wants me to have it – an authentic 1950s dress that fits me like a glove (ok I could use a little more room in the slip). Thanks P!

It had a few spots on it and came up like a gem after a gentle hand wash. No rips, holes or tears and it is in phenomenal condition. The dress consists of two pieces: a satin slip and a sheer shell. It was made by a New York dress company called Suzy Perette.

The Vintage Fashion Guild gives a nice little blurb about Suzy Perette dresses.

Suzy Perette was not an actual person, but the name of a dress manufacturing company that made affordable versions of Parisian designs in the 1950s. The Suzy Perette silhouette of cinched waist and full skirt were extremely popular and a quality interpretation of Dior’s famous “New Look.” ‘ To read more click here.

Grandma and Grandpa Hogan were married in the Summer of 1953 by a preacher at the church parsonage (preacher residence). It is unclear whether the man and woman in the photo below are indeed the preacher and his wife OR the brother of Grandma Hogan and his wife. All 4 additional persons were witnesses to the marriage.

Grandma & Grandpa Hogan 001

Grandma & Grandpa Hogan 002



grandmahogansweddingdress03 grandmahogansweddingdress04



Photography by Liz Burnham ©