What I Will Pass Down to My Daughters

My mum and I Skyped the other night for Mother’s Day. I asked her, “Mum, did Nan ever give you her wedding dress?”

She replied, “I never saw it and we don’t know what she got married in. People back then didn’t have very much money and Nan and Pa were quite young when they married.”


I was lucky enough to marry the man of my dreams last year. We had a beautiful, small and very fun wedding in San Francisco. As nice as big, poofy white dresses are on most ladies, my heart was set on a tea length gown. Comfort and ease of movement was the name of my wedding game.

Accessories were relatively inexpensive and found on Etsy including my veil and blusher veil. Dress was made by a company called Fancy New York and ordered in a boutique in Los Angeles. I don’t think the fit was the best nor the material as high quality as I would have liked, but it was as good as I was going to get given the style and the price point. Matt found my rhinestone earrings in an antique shop during a work trip out to either Nevada or New Mexico. Lastly my shoes were my pride and joy for the day, in addition to my new husband. My daughters will only get these shoes when my feet are too gnarled with arthritis to wear them. I have it in my spine and I’m pretty sure it is making it’s way slowly south.







What will you pass on through your family?

Pictures courtesy of Yours Truly